Scottish Thistle Moneyclip

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55 x 25mm (length x width)

Scottish Thistle Moneyclip, made from Stainless steel with Pewter Motif. A useful gift designed to hold different notes, much more practical, smaller and ideal than a wallet. A much appriciated gift by any man.

How, you may ask, did such a thorny flower become a National Emblem? Well, so the story goes, a very long time ago when Scotland was ravaged by Viking invaders, a group of Scottish fighting men were resting overnight in a field. Unknown to them, a raiding party was preparing to attack this group of Scots, under cover of darkness. As the attacking Vikings approached the encamped Scots, they stood on a patch of Thistles with their bare feet and, of course, let out cries of pain as the thorns dug deep into the soles and toes. The Scots, Having been awakened by this rammy, were able to fight off the attackers. So, from that day, the Thistle has been adopted as Scotlands National Emblem.

Made by AE Williams, manufacturer of some of the finest pewter in the world