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Flake is a brand of chocolate bar manufactured by Cadbury and consists of thinly folded Dairy Milk, …

Skips Prawn Cocktail



Skips have a real delicate flavor, it allows you to taste the mild prawn cocktail flavor but isn't t…

Curly Wurly



Cadbury's Curly Wurly bar is a milk chocolate covered caramel strip. The Cadbury Curly Wurly candy b…

Cadbury Twirl



Milk chocolate fingers flaked and rolled with a smooth chocolate covering. Twirl is a unique combina…

Maltesers Bag



chocolates with crisp, light honeycomb centres. 35g box imported from England. Similar to American W…

Nestle Walnut Whip



Launched in 1910, Walnut Whip is Nestle Rowntree's oldest current brand. These sweet chocolates are …

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Cadbury Milk Tray Box



A selection of delicious Cadbury chocolatesWhat's your favourite?Caramel SoftyHazelnut Swirl*Surpris…

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On the 25th January every year, the good people of Scotland celebrate Burns Night. The object of the

Blog it and scarpa
19th Jan 2021

Yorkshire Pudding

In a recent poll, the humble Yorkshire Pudding was ranked 10th in a list of things most lovedabout B

Blog it and scarpa
19th Dec 2020

Full English Breakfast

Throughout Britain and Ireland the Full breakfast is popular. It is not now eaten everyday but saved

11th Jul 2019