Blog it and scarpa on 13th Apr 2022

Long ago, about two thousand years ago, and sort of around April, a man was walking in Bethlehem and he was eating a chocolate bar. I think it was a Reeses Peanut Butter, or as it was called in Bethlehem, a Jeeses Peanut Butter. So this fella, he came across a chicken, who was very hungry, so he gave it a nibble on his Jeeses Peanut Butter bar, because he was a very kind man, and the very next day, the chicken started laying chocolate eggs. ‘It’s a miracle’, cried the people of Bethlehem, as time and again, the magic chicken laid chocolate eggs. 

Hen became quite the celebrity in Bethlehem, and moved into a large coop in the hills, where she partied hard. Too hard. She went off the rails and the gossip pages were full of peck and tell stories. Retreating from the public eye, Hen turned to the dark side. She stopped laying eggs and started laying….well, you know the rest. Things went from bad to worse for Hen, until one day, her concerned friends did an inter’hen’tion. Off she went to a ‘health spa’, and it was here that she met Rabbit, who was a rabbit. Rabbit had a different vice. He just couldn’t stop doing what rabbits do, ‘Rabbits gonna rabbit’, he would always say, rabbiting anything with a pulse. There was an instant attraction between Rabbit and Hen, and over the next few years, Hen gave birth to lots of chocolate eggs, from which magical chocolate bunnies appeared.

Years later, stories of the kind man and the chocolate-egg-laying hen re-emerged, and to celebrate the kindness of the man, and the rampantness and fertility of the rabbit, every year, around April, chocolate eggs and chocolate bunnies are consumed the world over.

This is definitely true.

Theres another train of thought. In medieval times, eating eggs was forbidden during Lent, so when the 40 days were over, tucking into an egg was a real treat. This was before chocolate was invented.

So the choice is yours. You can either have a cold, hard-boiled egg or you can get down to The Queens Pantry and try our wide, free-range selection of delicious, chocolate-filled, chocolate coated Easter Eggs. It’s what Jeeses would have wanted.