Full English Breakfast

Full English Breakfast

11th Jul 2019

Throughout Britain and Ireland the Full breakfast is popular. It is not now eaten everyday but saved for weekends and vacations. The term full comes from the fact the breakfast is, well, full of different food stuffs.

The full breakfast is traditionally served at breakfast time, but it is also popular at other times, usually replacing lunch.

Rarely is it now served every day of the week, reserved instead for the weekend or on vacation in hotels and Bed and Breakfasts, where no stay would be complete without one.

Breakfast may begin with orange juice, cereals, stewed or fresh fruits but the heart of the Full breakfast is bacon and eggs. They are variously accompanied by sausages, grilled tomato, mushrooms, tea, toast and marmalade.

Each country in the UK and Ireland also have their own choice of accompaniments, it is up to the individual just how much they want on their plate and their preferences.