Blog it and scarpa on 4th Oct 2022

On the 11 October 2022, The Queen's Pantry celebrates its 10 year anniversary. We are very proud to still be serving you after all this time, especially through recent hardships, and we would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to you, our wonderful and loyal customers, for your continued support. Without your custom, and feedback, and friendship, we would definitely not be here today. So from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

Right. That’s the pleasantries done. Let’s party like we’re in our fifties.

So it's out with the Champagne and the Chippendales, and it's in with the cakes, pies and cookies (we’re at the stage where we’d rather satisfy our stomachs than our eyes. The eyesights going anyway).

Definitely as a thank you to you, and in no way whatsoever an absolute excuse for us to satisfy our addiction to sugar and pastry (although we won’t inhale), we’ve got a few things lined up. On Saturday 8th October, we will be holding a British Bake Off style cooking competition, in store, and you can come and eat cakes and desserts for free if you can get to them before we do. You can even enter if you want. Just put a pile of sugar on a plate and you’ll be in with a shout. (

Also in store that day, Pouch Pies will be sampling their range of gorgeous pies. If you’ve never tasted Pouch Pies, have you really lived? Beautiful, flaky pastry, fresh meat and vegetables, it is heaven in a pie. It is said that before Gordon Ramsey turned into the expletive-riddled, potty-mouthed chef we know today, he was actually a mild-mannered, God-fearing soul who never let a bad word pass his lips. Then he had a Pouch Pie. ‘**** me’, he said, ‘that’s the most stunning pie I’ve ever ******* tasted’, and the rest is ******* history.

After pie and cake, what better way to finish a party than with a nice cup of Yorkshire tea (OK, there might be some bubbles, but definitely no Chippendales….unless you’re stuck for a gift for us).

So the party starts this weekend, on Saturday 8th October with SugarFest from 11am, and hopefully, fingers crossed, oiled-up dancers* with Special Offers in-store galore


On Sunday we will clear up the party carnage, and then we will reflect on the last 10 years, from the 2012 London Olympics, Brexit, David Cameron, Theresa May, Boris Johnson, Obama, Putin in Russia, Trump in, Trump out (he shook it all about), the Mayan end of the world as we know it, the Capitol riots, Ferguson, Missouri, Edward Snowden, Ukraine, Covid 19, Harry and Meghan, Pope Francis, Pokemon Go, Chicago Cubs, Hillary's emails, Disney and Star Wars, Greta Thurnberg, Julian Assange (this sounds like a Billy Joel song - history, stuff and stuff, history and stuff and stuff) all the way through to our dearly beloved Queen Elizabeth II, and we will wonder what the next 10 years will bring. More tea. More biscuits. More chat (gossip). And most importantly, more of you.

Happy Birthday to us.