Walkers Quavers Crisps

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Product Description

Quavers Crisps are curly, twisted snacks from Walkers with a wonderfully cheesy taste and are exceptionally crunchy. The traditional cheese flavored Quavers are by far the most popular. A mouth-watering cheesy smell will greet you when you open a Quavers packet. Once you delve inside, you¿ll find the pale yellow colored wavy shaped crisps. Walkers Quavers crisps have tiny air bubbles inside each one and are very light indeed. Bite into one and the cheese and potato taste mingles in your mouth before dissolving away. Quavers are a great choice if you are on a diet because with just 88 calories in the 17g pack, they can be a well deserved treat. Quavers also have a low fat content. They are the perfect snack to have on the go and are great for kids who will love the taste and shapes! Walkers Quavers contain no artificial colors and are suitable for vegetarians.

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